Thursday, July 19, 2007

Picking a photo-hosting site

I've used Webshots for the past 2 years (see my albums here). I have never found it a particularly attractive or easy site, and am considering alternatives:

Picasa (I started small album here)

If you could leave me any comments on which of these sites you use and why you like it over others, I'd greatly appreciate it! I am particularly concerned with: lots of photo space, uploading video, ease of use, posting photos on blogs and forums.



  1. I use flickr and for sure it is a wonderful site! Although, because it is a very popular site, you do have to be careful from those who steal pictures! I always use smaller sized shots, always tag them that doesn't allow people to find in public searches and don't do any group invites. That really cuts back on people taking my pictures 99.9% than what use to be taken. I just don't understand the concept of asking first! Ok, got that off my chest! For video's I use for my uploads! If you look at your users copyrights in things like you tube, etc.. you give up your rights when posting them their! At least on blip you keep your copyrights!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I'll check that out.

  3. The ease of uploading and organizing photos on Flickr is great.... I will soon be migrating there from Fotki...