Friday, July 6, 2007

An appreciation for Redbelly Snakes

I got my life Redbelly Snake just this June, but since then I've seen them just about everywhere I go, I'm up to about 20 total, I think. Funny how it works that way, right? Well, they amaze me more everytime with their variation and color. I figured I'd compile the best of that wonderful little snake that is Storeria occipitomaculata.


The bugger's baring his teeth at me:

Pinkbelly - I've heard this is when they're going into shed?

My two favorite individuals:

(Photo by Shawn Billerman)
(Photo by Shawn Billerman)


(Photo by Shawn Billerman)

And finally, a parting kiss:

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  1. I know in the past I have confused the Redbelly snakes with browns! Great post and love seeing all the photos!