Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My little escape artist

I think my female Crested Gecko, Dagoji, was stricken with a little bit of wanderlust before laying her last clutch:

The door to her cage is slightly bent and missing a latch, so that the top half latches and the bottom half is secured somewhat loosely with velcro. Well, in her wanderlustful streak, I think she learned to wedge the door open near the velcro. The first night she escaped, I tore the room apart looking for her, and found her in my roommate's closet perched on a red bucket. I figured I must not have secured the door tightly. The second night she escaped, I again freaked out and tore the room apart, but found her relatively quickly at the base of my caging shelves. I knew that time that I had closed the door tightly, but still found it wedged open at the base by the velcro. Not wanting any more escapes and risk loosing my best female, I taped down the bottom corner of the door with additional duct tape. Well, the tape wears out after just a couple door openings, and she escaped a third time. I found her in my roommate's closet on the red bucket again. This time I really learned my lesson. She's not getting out again:

Here's the little escape artist:

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  1. We use to have a Gecko when I lived in Pittsburgh and it escaped! We did find it from time to time but was never able to catch it! But, after it got loose on us we rarely saw any cockroaches running around!