Sunday, May 23, 2010

Return to the Great White North

Well, tomorrow I leave again for Churchill, to continue with work on Hudsonian Godwits. I will try and make somewhat regular postings, instead of waiting for an entire year to compose my posts. Also up and coming on the blogging schedule are my posts from my trip to Chile in January, where we went to study Hudsonian Godwits on their wintering grounds. As a sneak peek of that trip, enjoy these few pictures!

View of Pullao, on Chiloe Island, where many Hudsonian Godwits like to feed and roost

Hudsonian Godwit just after being released. Notice the small red flag on its leg. This tells us it was banded in Chile

Chucao Tapaculo, a very common bird in the temperate rainforest and forested areas of Chile

Magellanic Penguins, at the Puñihuil Penguinera, Chiloe