Saturday, July 28, 2007

Herp Education Program

I met the most amazing frog today, but had to give it back. Meet the Vietnamese Mossy Frog, Theloderma corticale:

A friend was gracious enough to let me borrow one of her Theloderma corticale for an education program with our Cornell Herpetological Society. Here are some pics from that fun event:

Gaia the Turtle. The event was her Hatchday Celebration commemorating her 'hatching' one year ago. Modeled after one of our member's former pet snappers. Notice her wizard captain.

Gaia's mean stepcousin?

If I let them chomp on me enough, I can put my Flying Geckos into a trance and show them to kids:

Mike grabs a snake...

... and starts educating.

More mossy frog fun:

Ritt's Macklot's Python makes a break for it..

A happy group:

Our "herp list" for the show:

Gray Treefrog
N. Leopard Frog
Vietnamese Mossy Frog
African "Pyxie" Bullfrog
Horned "Pacman" Frog (normal and albino)

Spotted Salamander

Common Snapping Turtle
Eastern Spiny Softshell

Leopard Gecko
Crested Gecko
Flying Gecko

Mexican Pine Snake
Tricolor Hognose
Western Hognose
Macklot's Python
Spotted Python

and tons of little kids.

Quite an impressive list, even for one of our big events... I wish we could find all that field herping

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