Friday, August 1, 2008

Herp of the Day: Varanus acanthurus

After seeing some Ackie cricket carnage, I'm sure you want more! Here are more Varanus acanthurus, the Ackie, Red Ackie, Ridge-tailed Monitor, or a variety of other common names. This is an Australian dwarf monitor in the same subgenus, Odatria, as the Timor Monitor. From my limited experience (all of these monitors are either Eric's or Amanda's, not my own) these are the best monitor to keep in captivity - they aren't too big, some tame down enough to use in education programs (although not all!), and of course they're pretty! Don't let me give too easy of an impression though, monitors of all types still require a huge intake of food, a large cage, and are not for the beginner to keep. So instead, just enjoy them here:

Amanda's big male George gives Eric a hug at a CHS event

Love those ridges

As if George isn't huggable enough, check out the offspring! I was lucky enough to zoom over to Amanda's house, camera in hand, to see ackies fresh out of the egg, and photograph them a day later. These 1-day old monitors are just ridiculously adorable!

Scared of the big mean camera thing

On the lower belly you can still see the slit where the yolk was (now being absorbed inside the body). This slit closes up fast. You may have to click to view full size to see it.

I came out of this yesterday?


This one is ballooning up. More eggs soon?

Hope you enjoyed this post... *wink*

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