Friday, August 8, 2008

Herp of the Day: Antaresia maculosa

My friend Eric has a pair of Spotted Pythons, a relatively small Australian species. These things are a pain to photograph - they're just too inquisitive. They are fun at education programs, though.


  1. It certainly looks as if they get pretty animated. I like the photo of it in his pocket.

  2. Am a big fan of Herp of the Day, first off.

    And secondly, that face has some serious character to it. If you can say that of a snake, but still.

  3. I definitely think you can say that of a snake. Glad you've like this series, I've got about half a dozen more to go. If you like these Antaresia, Eric may try breeding his pair this year, so I look forward to seeing lots of little baby spotteds.