Friday, July 4, 2008

Four Frogs for the Fourth

Out of sheer boredom today, I walked down to the campus pond to poke around for some herps in the pond edges and woods. My objective was to take data and collect photo vouchers for NAHerp, just to practice being rigorous about it for the big day Sunday. My thrilling results:

1 Rana sp. (jumped)
2 Rana clamitans (heard) Green Frog
1 Rana pipiens (photographed) N. Leopard Frog

So, a 25% success rate for getting photo vouchers - but, that 1 photo voucher has already been added to the database. Here is the pipiens:

Here are some odd non-vertebrate organisms I found growing in the woods. Can anyone help me ID them?

Finally, here is a neat picture of the sunset over the pond. Happy Independence Day!


  1. I believe those fruits belong to American cancer-root (Conopholis americana). See:

  2. Thanks! That certainly appears to be it.