Monday, June 23, 2008

A ruined evening

I had a whole productive evening planned, but it all went to hell when the Varanus I was trying to photograph decided the crawlspace under the kitchen cabinets was a better home than his cage. Luckily the crawlspaces under the cabinets are compartmentalized, so I had him pinned but couldn't get in there to reach him. This event resulted in me spending the evening building a Monitor-proof containment device to trap the wayward squamate:

Unfortunately, monitors are relentless in their escape efforts, and I'm sure he'll find a crack in the defenses. They show extraordinary intelligence, even problem-solving intelligence. They run at cheetah speed - fifty, sixty miles an hour if they ever got out into the open. They're lethal at eight months, and I do mean lethal...

... wait, that's raptors. I got sidetracked.

Anyways, if the beast is not back in his cage by this time tomorrow, I'll be a raving lunatic.

Here is the offender moments before making his break at freedom:


  1. Haha. It seems it would be easy to get raptors and that rambunctious reptile confused.