Monday, June 30, 2008

A happy evening

One week later... monitor found! I hadn't seen or heard a trace of the guy this whole time, so I finally remembered that I have a small nest camera that I could use to get in under the cabinets and look around. I did, and I spotted an opening into the cabinet above. I opened the cabinet, and there he was. He was sitting in with my pots and pans all week - shows how often I cook. Of course, if I had remembered that I had that nest camera when he first escaped, the whole ordeal would've been over in an hour.

I gave the guy a soak just in case he was a bit dehydrated. After which I opened the container to grab him, and he rocketed out and zoomed under the couch. I dove over the couch and grabbed him as he came out the far side, whereupon he latched onto my knuckle. I swear they know grabbing a small amount of skin and twisting is much more painful than just latching onto a finger. It took hitting him with water from the faucet on full to get him to let go. He went straight into his tank after that. I really want better photos, but I don't think I'll take him out again this summer. I'm just glad that the monitor is alive and well, and Eric won't be forced to kill me when he returns from Papua New Guinea.


  1. High Five in finding this guy! Sorry about your finger though! Ugg!

  2. *High Five*

    Thanks! The finger's doing fine, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting as soon as I felt him grab me.