Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Redpoll Resources

With all these Redpolls floating around (I just saw ~25 at the Lab of Ornithology this afternoon), and a lot of chatter on the listserves about them, I thought I would post a collection of online resources on Redpoll identification.

Two posts by Sibley on Redpolls:
Redpoll identification
Redpoll subspecies

A long post by Ron Pittaway (of winter finch forecast fame) on Redpoll ID

Hoary vs. Common
Superb, in-the-hand comparison shots of Hoary/Common and subspecies along with more photos on flickr (Tommy Thompson Park BRS)
Photos of a Hoary among Common by Tom Johnson
Comparison photos by Jody Hildreth
Identification from Bell Tower Birding
A few Birdforum identification posts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Hoary Redpoll
Photos from VIREO (VIsual REsources for Ornithology)
Photos from Garth McElroy
Photos by Jay McGowan
Hoary distribution through the winter of 97-98

Species Information
All About Birds Common Redpoll
All About Birds Hoary Redpoll

Pale Common with an orangish cap
A 1937 paper on wintering Redpoll identification
A 1963 paper from the same source

I welcome additional resources! Particularly lacking are print articles, such as those from Birding, etc. If you have recommended citations let me know.

(Hat tip to Tom Fiore, Meena Haribal, and others who have posted links recently)

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  1. Great resource! I added my own Common Redpoll post!