Thursday, June 14, 2007

Random tidbits on Knots and Science

The ban on horseshoe crab harvest in Delaware has been struck down by a judge. I guess a few fishermen are more important than the major food supply for our Atlantic Flyway shorebirds. In other news, Red Knot populations have plummeted 80% in recent years, from 100,000+ in the 80's to less than 20,000 now.

The Evolution vs. Intelligent Design people in the blogosphere have been very active recently:

'Irreducible Complexity' is reducible after all - Another purported example of Michael Behe's ridiculous concept falls prey to actual science. You should take this cartoon to heart, Behe: Science, it works...

Behe is out with a new book: The Edge of Evolution. I would love to dissect this book myself, but as I looked it over in Borders, I decided I don't want to support him with a single cent. I'll wait till I can get my hands on a free copy. Meanwhile, science bloggers are having a heyday skewering it.

The Discovery Institute has put out a new textbook to subvert the teaching of science: Exploring Evolution. It looks like a well put-together affair. It plays the evolution 'debate' like it is even-handed, but just from reading the online samples, I can tell how quietly and subtly it downplays and misrepresents the science of things. It really disgusts me how they market this to an audience of high school teachers and home-schoolers, who don't have the background to see through the bullshit.

Comments on William Dembski's ID blog attempt to skewer 'Darwinists' over the discovery of some function in 'junk DNA'. The arguments are so twisted and stretched to blame the Darwinists, it is hilarious. A science blogger responds.

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