Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eye on the Sky Today

This afternoon, Tompkins County and nearby areas were placed under a Tornado Warning - a very rare occurance for NY. Big supercell thunderstorms were barrelling down on us. I of course ran out onto a roof on campus to get a view of the spectacular storm looming overhead and just barely missing us. There were scattered reports of actual touchdown, but nothing confirmed yet. I didn't see any funnel clouds from the roof, but the view was stunning. I only wish I had my camera.

Continuing a day of awesome aerial displays today, I watched the Space Station and the Space Shuttle fly over Ithaca just after dusk. These bright beacons moved very fast, transiting the arc of sky I could see in no more than two minutes. I also observed Jupiter in a telescope, only the second time for me. It glowed brightly, and in the scope a line of four moons to either side was clearly visible. Very cool!

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  1. I think that would have been fun to have seen the Space Station and Space Shuttle fly over the sky! I have seen the space station before that even solar flares (I think thats what they are called)! Sky is fun!