Sunday, May 27, 2007

A few more blurbs on the Redhead team

Last I heard, the Redheads had raised $14,000 in Big Day Pledges for the World Series. It pales in comparison to the huge chunk of change the Sapsuckers raise every year, but it has put the team on the map. Hopefully next year we'll do even better, and put the money towards conservation and undergraduate research funds.

Here is a series of musings on the highlights from the Big Day.


Ben (Redheads): Our worst “dirty bird” (a bird not identified by the entire team) was a turkey. Late in the morning, one called really loudly and everyone was on it, we thought we had it, and then two turkey hunters walked out of the wood

Chris (Sapsuckers): With experience, you’ll learn that’s just “a coincidence.”

Here is the team featured in the Ithaca Journal.

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