Friday, November 2, 2007

Wisconsin Jaeger Meisters

A pretty fun video of jaeger hunting on the Great Lakes.

Jaegers are birds that attack and kill gulls. Nah, they just make them regurgitate their food. This video documents a search for jaegers in the Northwest corner of Wisconsin. Members of the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology visit Wisconsin Point (on Lake Superior) in an attempt to see these pelagic birds rarely sighted inland, let alone in the Midwest.
by John Feith


  1. Ah yes. John Feith's very well done video of "Jaeger Fest" 2006. And sorry I was that I didn't go.
    John Feith has an excellent bird song ID CD for sale as well as a Video birding adventure, Both of which I highly recommend.
    Daryl Tessen is one the top 3 birders in WI and is greatly respected among the WSO members. He currently holds the record for having seen the greatest number of species in the state. Mr 402 we like to call him.
    --Chris W, Madison WI

  2. Cool - thanks for the info. Do you know how he composes these videos, what kinds of software? Btw, I poked around your blog - fun stuff. You looking at colleges now? Interested in ornithology?

  3. Hmm... no, I don't know what software he uses. I think he has a Mac so the software could be IMovie.

    I've been looking at some different colleges around (and outside of) the state. Cornell is one of the ones on my list of candidates. The Ornithology lab there is pretty neat. Chris Wood gave me a tour of the lab last summer so I go to know some of what's going on.

    I'd like to major in Ecology and study Habitat needs of migratory birds so that people and birds can both live togther without one taking more land than than it truly needs (leaning in favor of the birds though. lol)
    I'm a true birder at heart though and a 2 time member of the ABA/Leica Tropicbirds youth birding team at the World Series of Birding.
    Keep checking my blog every so often. I expect some cool birds this winter.
    Happy Birding! --Chris

  4. Ah, so you've been out to visit, good. I couldn't recommend Cornell more - it is simply fantastic for undergraduates in ornithology. I hope you end up here.