Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yellow-knobbed Curassow Day!

Today is a tribute to an avian great, the Yellow-knobbed Curassow (Crax daubentoni)! Yellow-knobbed Curassow Day was decreed by Brad Walker, one of the current techs working on the Forpus project that I participated in last fall. Reasons for this decree are unimportant - the magnificence and wonder of these birds overwhelms all. During my time in Venezuela, I repeatedly tried to capture that magnificence on camera but was left crying in abject failure. This was the only image I managed to capture of this species:

That will simply not suffice for Yellow-knobbed Curassow Day, so I am forced to turn to Flickr. For the full extent of the yellow knob, click here.

You cannot compete with this hair, ever.
(Source - Flickr)

The only full-body view this Crax is willing to give you
(Source - Flickr)

So, go out and celebrate. If you are actually in the range of this species and have a chance at seeing it - get outside. If, like me, you are not currently in the range of any Crax species, lament your poor fortunes and start planning your next Neotropical trip. Long live the Cracids!


  1. Many birder and bird blogger friends are down in the RGV for the Birding fest this week. They'll be able to celebrate with the Plain Chachalaca.

    It's no Curassow, but any port in a storm, you know?

  2. That will do, that will do. I am stuck with lower gallinaceous forms such as Turkey and Bobwhite. There sure are a lot of those around here, far more abundant than in New York.