Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bathroom Invader: Scinax ruber

Scinax ruber is a small common neotropical frog in the treefrog family Hylidae. I most often encountered small greenish individuals inside my home on the cattle ranch. One liked to hide in our dishrack, skittering away up the wall when we shuffled things around. Another liked our bathroom, sometimes shooting out of the toilet when we lift the lid late at night, or jumping on our shoulder as we brush the wall. Their chief weapon is surprise...

This individual was courteous enough to be found outside, affording a slightly more natural setting for the photographs

Then, after several weeks of finding only these little tiny versions of Scinax, I tracked an unknown frog call and discovered a full-sized version, plucking away from his favorite leaf.

For his call, see my frog call compilation video.


  1. Their chief weapon is surprise...

    They may need to work a little on the fear.

  2. Cool Frog! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. hm, frog on the wall/in the toilet sure beats the brown recluse that used to live INSIDE the toilet roll when I was at the hawk watch!

  4. @ Christopher - they don't scare you? You're a brave man. I'm quaking in my boots just thinking about them.

    @ mon@rch - thanks for reading :)

    @ heidi - did you feed things to it? get it habituated to humans, then it won't bite. Right?