Friday, May 2, 2008

Support Student Research in the World Series of Birding

One week from today is this year's World Series of Birding in New Jersey. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, in addition to fronting its usual team of Sapsuckers, is sponsoring an undergraduate team, the Redheads, for the second year running. The Redheads are competing in the Cape May County division of the World Series. Glenn, Mike, Shawn, Tom, and Jay are birding to raise money for undergraduate research and conservation grants. All funds they raise through pledges go directly into these programs.

Last year the team won second place in their division, and raised a substantial sum for student research - at least $14,000. One of the projects funded includes an upcoming expedition to survey the avifauna of a remote area in Peru (I hope to get Mike or Glenn to write about their trip soon!). This year the team hopes to not only win the Cape May County division, but to raise even more money for future undergraduates. I sincerely wish them luck!

If you are interested in donating to the cause, contact me or pledge via the CLO site. I can guarantee that it will go to good use. Every dollar will go directly into the research and conservation funds, thanks to Swarovski's sponsorship of the CLO teams. Support student research and support the Redheads next week!

Finally, if you're not sure about the Redhead's ability to win, just know that they are training with Steve Carell's excellent Worm-eating Warbler imitation:

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  1. Haha. Great clip. Good luck in the competition.