Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Songs of Science

If you need a little study break, like I do every day, here are a few wonderful tunes about Science. (Warning: some are rated R for language)

Richard Dawkins: Beware the Believers
So what if it's viral marketing for Expelled, this video is still funny as hell.

"Still Alive" ~ GLaDOS
This one is from the game Portal, so a lot of the references will go over your head if you haven't played. But I live by the last verse: "Look at me still talking when there is Science to do..."

"Trace Elements" ~ Hard N' Phirm
This one is particularly dirty, but when else are you going to hear a country song about Science?

The PCR Song
I've posted this one before, but it's still amusing.

"Lonely Lab of Broken Hearts" ~ The Arrogant Worms
This is a sweet, funny song, if you want a break from dirtier humor. The video itself is some random unrelated youtube video, just ignore it and listen to the music.

"Creation Science 101" ~ Roy Zimmerman
I had to finish with this...

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