Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rhodostethia's cruel joke

(Photo by Brad Walker)

Make dazzling appearances all week, then when the weekend hits and 100 or more birders descend upon Niagara Falls from as far away as Michigan, Ohio, and Massachusetts, FAIL TO SHOW UP. At least 12 people came up from Cornell alone (needless to say, I was among them). My group searched for six hours, netting 9 species of gull but no Ross's among them.


  1. So sorry and I saw that on the list serv today that it wasn't seen! Didn't you find anything else while there? I saw they had many other great gulls and a harlequin!

  2. Had good looks at the three 'white-wings': Iceland, Thayers, Glaucous. Plus Little and the more common gulls. Only heard about the Harlequin late in the day. Scoped the far shore for it, but no luck.