Saturday, October 6, 2007

New hatchlings!

The other night I was candleing some of my Crested Gecko eggs still incubating, after a long period with no new hatchlings. I could see some of the little guys! Well I turned the lights off tonight and started candleing again, with intent of getting some form of photos. I called Shawn to take a look as I started to candle, opening the container and discovering BABIES!!!

They were so tired from hatching, they didn't move a muscle. I was able to lift them out in position, held together by the slime of hatching, until I cleaned the perlite off.

Hatchling #1

Hatchling #2

After letting them rest a while and get active, I took them out for a few more quick snaps.


These are hatchlings #4 and #5 from my Crested Geckos. The parents are Wren and Atticora. Previous hatchlings are here and here.

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