Saturday, April 7, 2007

Putting my ramblings now and future in context

I'm starting this blog as a bully pulpit for a wide range of my interests. I hope to share many unique and interesting tidbits of natural history that fall my way. I'm a University student focusing on evolutionary biology of birds. I've been a lifelong birder, herper, naturalist, and scientist. I am always learning fascinating new things, and have long desired a way to share them in some cohesive manner. You can expect posts on:
- Birding, near and far
- Local herps
- Any other interesting natural history tidbits that strike my fancy
- Science news and the latest being published
- My own collection of captive reptiles and amphibians
- Plants, including my (beginning) orchid collection
- Thoughts on various science readings
- Etc. etc. etc.

I'll try to post regularly, but it remains to be seen how often that will be, depending on the vagaries of my work load from school and research. For now, you can check out my website I have set up for information on my herp collection: Please do leave comments on my posts, I love to hear what other people find interesting or not, opinions, etc.


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